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2021 really lifted my business to a higher level, doing so well that I can now totally live of selling other people’s collections as you can read here if you are capable of reading in dutch of course. The short of it is that I move beloved LP’s or CD’s that are dear to people to a new home, all over the globe.

So as a thank you I will give you a 10% discount on any order done before December 20, 2020, by using the code below together with your order, mailed to

So, please mail me first to get your discount!
In this mail you must provide a list (preferably with url’s)
of the items you are interested in. 

code> REDBOL2021 <code

If you want a much higher discount check the offer at the
bottom of this page. 30-40% on old (but good) stock!

As you may already know I use three different accounts, and I provide cheap shipment from either Germany or The Netherlands that is usually way under €10, worldwide.

for wave, punk, 70’s, 80’s, dub, pop, rock

for classic rock, prog rock, symphonic rock, hardrock, classical music

for ambient, experimental, weirdo, postpunk, techno and such


If you like what you see on my mgruburoi account it is worthwhile to check my friend Frans de Waard’s business as we combine shipment:


As a side business I sell a truckload of cheap DVD’s, books and CD’s that are not listed on Discogs to get you through the holiday season, check em here and use discount code
code> DVD30 <code
to get 30% off the listed price:

DVD + some CD’s

order these by sending me an e-mail listing the desired titles.


If you enjoy browsing in a different way check out it out:
discount on all items in this excel list with old stock,
sorted by artist (but to be sorted any way you like)
On these you get a whopping 30% or even 40% on the
oldest stuff that is there! It has got to go,
because I am desperate for space.

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