Misting problem

Recently I purchased a great and large collection from a former Amsterdam record store owner, specialized in imports. His 4.000 albums were stored for over a decade in thick pvc outer sleeves. Perfect stuff one would presume. Unfortunately part has a problem: misting on the record as a result of a chemical process described in this YouTube clip:

The problem can lead to some crackle when playing the LP. In some cases it won’t be too much of a problem, in others it will. It would be a crying shame to throw the affected LP’s away, because really lots of buyers will not have any problem with it. Also if you are the DIY type, there actually is a cure that may have result, check this clip on YouTube.

So what I have done is lower the prices of the albums out of this lot. So grab your chance! For an expensive one I will do a listening run on request. Also, if you send me an email to order direct I will give another 10% discount.

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